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About DNA

Today, the most important issue in the field of modern medicine is precision medicine. In order for precision medicine to be implemented, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics and traits of individual genes to carry out customized treatment methods for diseases. The development of DNA sequencing technology has greatly improved the time and cost and will allow anyone in the world to do sequencing anytime, anywhere.

DNA sequencing ​

Sequencing is a technique to determine the order of base ATGC binding. Precision sequencing is carried out by the Genetic Analysis Laboratory affiliated with GIF ON Platform.

DNA information provider

Owners own their DNA data. You can share this DNA data with the institutions that need it. Owners share DNA data and can benefit from a variety of things.​

DNA information utilizer​

Utilizer need a lot of DNA data for a variety of studies and projects. You can utilize it
from someone who has DNA data.
Utilizer reward people who share DNA data.

DNA token economy​

GIF ON Platform assists individuals in health care based on DNA analysis data. We also have a variety of partnerships where you can use the GIFO Token paid as a reward.

DNA sequencing using blockchain

Gene Information operates and manages the GIF ON Platform and Global Sequencing Alliance.

The individual provides the genetic database to the requesting agency in the GIF ON Platform and receives the token as reward.

Pharmaceutical companies and research institutes pay for tokens in the GIF ON Platform and receive gene databases.

Necessity of blockchain

First, secure the reliability of your DNA data.

Second, creating rewards for DNA providers.

Third, increase efficiency of related industries.

Blockchain-based personal health practitioner​

Indentification of cause of disease

Disease prevention and early diagnosis possible

Improving persinal health life

lower medical costs

Expand related markets

The expansion of the market for genetic analysis

Securing stability with blockchain technology

Extend platform-based diverse business expansion

Create a foundation for global market

Pharmaceutical and disease R&D

Development of a new diagnostic method

Increased success rate of new drug development

Treatment optimization

Strengthening disease management

Popularization of genetic analysis

Personalized therapies

Variety of
object gene set

Various gene precision studies

Blockchain based gene analysis platform

Realizing a shared

economy based on

fourty lndustry

Total biometric storage

Base order standard certification platform

SNS-based health practitioners

AI & Big data diagnostics

Skin care esthetic blood management

Cell-managed injection

Life extension

Stem cell culture

Developmental brain development

Growing up and responding to future occurrence

DNA-based custom insurance

Alliance of insurance agents / contracts

Customized deficiency nutrient supplement

Body type / body quality

iris / fingerprint / vessel / face recognition

other DNA source certification platform​

Building a precision medical base

Statistics of stored genetic information
A Study on the Treatment of Diseases by Classification
Training of Precision Medical Staff​

API based on genetic
information utilization

Personalization of Treatment
Life cycle health care​

GIF ON platform Alliance

Establishment of Genetic Analysis Alliance
Domestic Genetic Analysis Industry Change
Realization of Shared Economy in Fourth Industry​

Gene therapy development

Gene precision diagnosis
The development of a cure for a disease
The conquest of incurable diseases​

GIT Sales & Use of Fund

Initial Token Distribution and Use of Funds

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